Dr. Wei Lin (林巍 博士Google Scholar)



Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beijing 100029, China



Dr. Jia Liu (刘佳 博士)


Geobiology (2018 start)

Research interests: Magnetotactic bacteria in extreme environments


Dr. Yan Chen (陈妍 博士)


Astrobiology (2019 start)

Research interests: Precambrian marine environment and life

Graduate Students


Wensi Zhang (张文斯)


Geobiology (2015 start)

Research interests: Genomics and metagenomics


Li Liu (刘立)


Astrobiology (2018 start)

Research interests: Near Space microbiome



Runjia Ji (纪润佳)


Geobiology (2017-2020)

Master student


Yuan Fang (方元)


Geobiology (2016-2019)

Master student


Min He (何敏)


Geobiology (2015-2018)

Visiting Master student


Courtney L. Wagner 


I am currently a PhD student at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA working with Dr. Pete Lippert from the Utah Paleomagnetic Lab. At Utah my studies focus on environmental change, geobiology, and magnetotactic bacteria. This summer I am participating in a fellowship program, through the US National Science Foundation and the China Science and Technology Exchange Center. During this fellowship I am working with Dr. Lin to hone my skills in working with and analyzing modern magnetotactic bacteria for future experiments.