Postdoctoral positions in the fields of Geomicrobiology (Magnetotactic Bacteria) and Astrobiology (Near Space Microbiology) are available at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China.The successful applicants are encouraged to utilize various cultivation-independent approaches, including 16S, metagenomics, single-cell genomics, and NanoSIMS to characterize magnetotactic bacteria around different environments or microorganisms within the near space (the region of Earth's atmosphere that lies between 20 and 100 km).



  • A Ph.D. in Microbiology, Geomicrobiology, Environmental Microbiology or Astrobiology
  • Experience in analyzing genomics and metagenomics
  • Excellence in team-work and the ability to work independently
  • Excellent management and communication skills
  • Two first-author paper in international peer-reviewed journals


Interested individuals should send a CV to Professor Wei Lin (weilin0408@gmail.com)