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Oct 2020: Expanding magnetic organelle biogenesis in the domain Bacteria. Lin et al., Microbiome.


Aug 2020: Two metagenome-assembled genome sequences of magnetotactic bacteria in the order Magnetococcales. Zhang et al., Microbiology Resource Announcements.


Mar 2020: Life in the near space and implications for astrobiology. Lin. Chinese Science Bulletin. (临近空间生物研究及其天体生物学意义. 林巍. 科学通报). 


Nov 2019: Overview and perspectives of Astrobiology. Lin et al. Chinese Science Bulletin. (天体生物学研究进展和发展趋势. 林巍 等. 科学通报).


Oct 2019: Magnetosome gene duplication as an important driver in the evolution of magnetotaxis in the Alphaproteobacteria. Du et al., mSystems.


May 2019: On the origin of microbial magnetoreception. Lin et al., National Science Review.


May 2019: Genomic evidence of the illumination response mechanism and evolutionary history of magnetotactic bacteria within the Rhodospirillaceae family. Wang et al., BMC Genomics.


Feb 2018: Genomic expansion of magnetotactic bacteria reveals an early common origin of magnetotaxis with lineage-specific evolution. Lin et al., ISME Journal.


Feb 2018: Morphological and phylogenetic diversity of magnetotactic bacteria in Pond Lianhua, Beijing. He et al., Earth Science.


Jan 2018: Magnetotaxis and magnetosome biomineralization in microorganisms. Lin and Pan, Earth Science.


Oct 2017: 林巍博士被聘为中国微生物学会地质微生物学专业委员会委员,聘期四年。


July 2017: 林巍博士被聘为中国矿物岩石地球化学学会第九届环境矿物学专业委员会委员,聘期四年。


June 2017: Reply to Wang and Chen: An ancient origin of magnetotactic bacteria. Lin et al., PNAS.


May 2017: Diversity and ecology of and biomineralization by magnetotactic bacteria. Lin et al., Environmental Microbiology Reports.


Mar 2017: Origin of microbial biomineralization and magnetotaxis during the Archean. Lin et al., PNAS.


Oct 2016: Complete Genome Sequence of Magnetospirillum sp. Strain XM-1, Isolated from the Xi’an City Moat, China. Wang et al., Genome Announcements.


Mar 2016: In vitro assembly of the bacterial actin protein MamK from ‘Candidatus Magnetobacterium casensis’ in the phylum Nitrospirae. Deng et al., Protein & Cell.